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Positive Vibes – February 2017

We get it – some days it’s too hard to get out of bed, let alone get in the shower and then face other humans.  Every month we’ll be sharing our favorite tunes to help you get the day started off on the right foot.  

For February, the theme is rightfully love and passion.  At Tulip, we’re all about positive vibes.  Love is about as positive of a feeling you can get.  We’re not just talking about partners, but love of family, of yourself, and the waiter who accidently brought you someone else’s fries.


For those of you that get the reference, MiC Lowry (think bad boys) brings back samples of a classic anthem in Oh Lord.  

Martin Jensen shows that she doesn’t need anyone else and can party on her own in Solo Dance.  Love yourself first, y’all.

We all remember summer love.  JP Cooper brings back youthful summer love in September Song.  Ever wonder what those people are up to today?

Lighthouse is a reminder that love matures and grows.  When things get hard love will carry you through.

Like MiC Lowry’s Oh Lord, Let Me Love You samples from a song by Mario.  It’s a good ol’ fashion barrage of compliments to a woman by SJUR and Chris Crone.  Who doesn’t like to be told nice things?

Zara Larsson’s Ain’t My Fault was originally written to be a song about stealing someone else’s boyfriend.  She decided there can only be one Becky with the good hair, and it appears she decided to go with tug-of-war of flirting instead.

Call on Me is a song about encouragement and relying on each other for support.  

There seems to be a theme emerging of song remakes.  Some of you may remember Kevin Little’s Turn Me On.  You may find a similar tune (well, the same with a new look and feel) from Cheat Codes and Dante Klein.

One Dance uses cool reggae beats to create a passionate mood inside a club.  Drake’s killing it with his game.

Justin Bieber made it onto our list – surprised?  Cold Water is a song about lovers being there for each other.  A pretty grown up song.

We at Tulip really love Alessia Cara.  She’s been killing it lately.  She embodies strength and loving yourself with Scars to your Beautiful

We’re loving Jon Bellion right now.  His style puts us in a good mood and loving how he talks about an amazing and strong woman in Overwhelming.

Closer is a song about youthful love and heartbreak.  It’s in here to remind us that we have to go through these moments to get to where we are now.

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