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Skip Breakfast but Still Kick Ass

You hit snooze one too many times, woke up to a flurry of urgent emails, had to deal with a dog or kid getting sick all over you, we’ve been there. Mornings are rough and in the midst of taking care of business you sometimes forget to take care of breakfast.

Thankfully you can still have a kick ass start to your day sans breakfast.


We’ve grown up being told breakfast is the most important part of the day, that your metabolism is jumpstarted with breakfast. Which is great, except we now have ten thousand things to do in the AM besides breakfast. Sure I’ve thought about getting a personal chef to whip up breakfast for me every morning, but last I checked my bank account was missing a few zeros to make that happen.

As I like to tell my mom ‘times have changed’ and so has breakfast. In fact last year, the New York Times reviewed scientific research on the value of breakfast and found “misinterpreted research and biased studies.[1] Their conclusion was that research supporting breakfast was spotty at best. But if you look at skipping breakfast as a form of intermittent fasting, there are reliable studies showing that it can increase weight loss and improve metabolic health.[2], [3], [4]Sorry mom #scienceforthewin.


But if you’re like me and still need a jolt in the AM to get your day going, we’ve got you covered.

gym-icon1. HIT THE GYM

While not necessarily a time saver, working out floods your body with feel good endorphins. Whether it’s a quick jog on the treadmill, a barre class or a boot camp session, working outs get the blood flowing and helps wake you up. If you want variety, get a ClassPass for easy booking at the best studios in town.

coffe-icon2. GRAB A LATTE

Speaking of waking up, nothing does the trick better than a morning cup o’joe. You’ve heard how many calories a Starbucks latte has, and it actually could be a good thing if you’ve missed out on a morning meal. To avoid any afternoon jitters grab an early lunch.

meditate-icon3. MEDITATE

I used to think meditation was only for vacation retreats with monks, but morning meditations can really help clear your head and get you ready to kick start the day. With a convenient app and 10 minute clips, Headspace can clear your head on your ride in to work or once you arrive.






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