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Slay V-Day with Original Thinking

Let’s face it – the valentines day gift has lost the creative element for most of us.  It’s the typical flowers and chocolate.  Let’s try something new this time – but still buy chocolate, because chocolate is awesome.

Here are some of our favorite unique valentines day gifts for this year:

multicoloredeyeillustration-jpg-653x0_q80_crop-smartGift Your Perspective

We often perceive the same events differently.  Even the same couples perceive the same events in various ways.  So this gift requires you to write something.  No, not a poem, or a love letter, but write about some of the most important moments in your relationship, and what they mean to you.

Hey, it’s cheesy, but it’s free.


illustrations-love-laptop-skinsTag their Laptop

For the nerd in your life, get this cool decal by Famous When Dead.  Everyone in the coffee shop will know who’s taken.  Plus, it’s easy to remove in case, you know, things
don’t go to plan.

Buy it here for $25.


o-TOURISTS-facebook.jpgTour de Home

Valentines day is already chock full of cornball rituals.  Why not add to it by doing touristy things together in a town you already live.  Grab the camera, a map, a tourist t-shirt and get on your way.  You may rediscover a lot about eachother while rediscovering home.  Alternatively… if you’re up for the travel, you could do the same in a town you don’t know so well.


il_570xn-764758356_dengGrade your love.  Every. Single. day.

This may be a little too intense for most of us.  If you really want to put your love to the test, get this Life Calendar, by Wap-Oh. The life calendar is a unique and intimate calendar that graphically summarizes your life as a couple.

Buy it here for $13.

charity-searchSpread the love by volunteering.

Valentine’s day is about love.  For some of us, we feel it all the time.  Others are still in need of it.  Remember, when you’re holding each other’s hand, you still have another hand to lend.  You can volunteer at soup kitchens, domestic violence shelters or look for valentines day themed charities.  Email us at and we’re happy to help your search.

keep-calm-and-save-money-39Save, or rather, change the date.

You can generally expect valentines day to be more expensive, and more difficult to plan than any other date night of the year.  Why not celebrate a different day?  You can get more bang for your buck, and save yourself the stress of getting reservations and buying flowers days ahead of time.  If you do it a few days before, you can make a surprise out of it.

Remember, Tulip wants your breath to be on point this Valentine’s day.  Regardless of what else you do, that may make or break your evening.

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