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Brew A Great Cup of Coffee Today

Sleep 7-9 hours, eat a healthy breakfast, go to the gym and meditate.  That’s all you have to do to start your day on the right foot.


You could shove 3 cups of coffee down your throat.

Whether you went hard the night before, or you were binging on Netflix and are no recovering from “I don’t know what to watch next” syndrome, many of us swear by coffee to start our day.

Oral Care Tip – brush your teeth after you drink that first cup, as long as you’re home.  If you’re leaving the house, don’t be gross.

First off, you’re going to need a few tools:

709512_fpx1 – Grinder: DO NOT BUY PREGROUND COFFEE.  Say that 3x before moving on.  In just 15 minutes, ground coffee loses 60% of its aroma.  Imagine if it was ground, distributed, sat on a shelf and then taken home.  So go the whole bean route.  However, that requires a grinder.  Find something that works for you, but we recommend a burr grinder for the best results.  An example is here.

technivorm-79312-2t2 – A Coffee Machine: There are a lot of coffee machines, and brew methods.  We’ve tested them all and found a simple pour over system like Chemex will do the trick at home.  If you’re a little pressed for time and don’t want to take on all the responsibility, go for a Moccamaster by Technivorm.  It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.


72232045552755p3 – Filters: Don’t underestimate a good filter.  They determine how much flavor in your coffee is coming from the actual coffee.  First, you must choose between paper and metal.  We prefer paper, but there are some steps we recommend you take to get the best results.  First, use bleached filters.  They just leave less aftertaste.  2nd, soak the filter entirely in warm water before filling it with coffee.  This will wash away any residue.  After that, you’re ready to go.

filtered-water-pitcher4 – Filtered Water: You must use filtered water for a clean cup of coffee.  The water you use can impact the overall flavor of your cup.  Don’t leave it up to chance.  Just trust us.

And finally – Coffee.  

The coffee you choose is based on personal preference but below are some of our favorite coffee blends

Stumptown-Final-Logo.jpgStumptown Coffee – Hair Bender

First off, a little about Stumptown Coffee.  They’re based in Portland, OR and have been around since 1999.  The quality standards of Stumptown Coffee Roasters have led to them being recognized as having revolutionized the coffee business and helped refine coffee drinkers’ palates.

The hair bender is Stumptown’s most popular coffee.  A few words on the taste:

  • Varying fruit notes at different temperature
  • Chocoloate Aftertaste
  • Thick and creamy body
  • Can be brewed as coffee and espresso

Case.jpgCASE COFFEE ROASTERS – Kenya Gachatha

Case literally “cased” the globe for amazing coffees.  Their favorite origins are Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala.  They generally seek out coffees that are sweet, clean and complex.  From their site: “Our mission as a small batch roaster is to provide you with seasonal, delicious coffees that will tickle your palate and excite your mind.”

The Kenya Gachatha is their highest rated coffee.  A few words on the taste:

  • Complex and sweet
  • Fruity
  • Well-balanced
  • Great for drip and for espresso
  • Tastes best from drip

MH_Primary-1797_V.jpgMUDHOUSE COFFEE ROASTERS – Mora Negra Geisha Hartmann Farm

Mudhouse coffee was started by a couple that has been roasting coffee for over 20 years.  They look for organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest, 4C, and bird-friendly certifications from all of their roasters and deliver great taste to their customers.

The Mora Negra is just one of their many highly rated coffees, but our favorite.  A few words on the taste:

  • Deeply rich
  • Gentle, sweet acidity
  • cocoa-toned peppermint
  • Fine musk in aroma and in cup

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