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Fight Those Winter Blues

Nothing like a dark and dreary day to zap any semblance of motivation or happiness. But given winter is 90 days of the year, let’s not write it off completely. Carpe Diem after all.

Try our top ways to fight the blues this winter.

1. Keep your mind engagedlight-bulb-icon

Winter weather makes almost everyone feel lethargic, particularly if outdoor activities are your escape. But keeping your mind engaged with something you find challenging or interesting can help fight the winter blues. As they say “time flies when you’re having fun!” Try dance classes, wine tastings, read a book you’ve been waiting to read. Pick up a new hobby and make new friends.

2. Listen to music


It’s crazy the connection our mood has to music we listen to. And the best way to pump up your mood is to pump up your beats. Turn off the Sarah McLachlan and turn on our AM Jams. We know. She gives us all the feels too. But it’s better to get that pep back in your step because you can’t save the animals with your tears.They need your strength and motivation. So motivate yourself with some beats.

3. Leave hibernating to the bearsbear-icon

Misery loves company. We know. But in the winter, friends can be your best mood booster. As social animals we belong with others and in the winter its paramount to get out there – puffer coat and all. No need to get too fancy, something as simple as grabbing coffee or lunch will do. And if you’re ambitious try a new workout class.

4. Pump up the vitamin D

vitamin-b-icon-copyOne of the main reasons we feel sluggish in winter is due to the lack of sunshine – the sun in the northern hemisphere is too weak to power vitamin D production. While we fully support telling your boss that for medical reasons you need to take an extended vaca in the tropics, you can also add a vitamin D supplement to your AM routine. Not as fun we know, but effective and less expensive than jetting off to the Caribbean.

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