Brighter Nights
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PM Hacks For A Better Nights Sleep

Sleep – the best way to start your day. Counterintuitive yes. But proven to work. Here are our top ways to get a better night sleep.

1. Use Your Bed for Sleeping Only (… and sex)bed-icon

If you live in a studio apartment with no other place to sit, this could be tough. But the best way to get a good nights sleep is to train your brain to think bed = sleep. It sounds really simple and it is.


2. Yellow Light candle-icon

Who knew lighting was so important for sleep? Before Edison gave us electricity (and some killer light bulbs!) humans had candlelight at night. Mimic the same lighting before bed and you will trigger your instinct to get sleepy. If you absolutely must use your phone at night, turn on night shift (on an iPhone) or get a 3rd party app like Twilight.

mind-icon3. Clear Your Mind

Funny how there are always a million things running through your head right before bed. To get to that dream you’ve been waiting to reoccur since last week (yup that one!) you need to clear you mind to let it in. Jot down those pesky thoughts and if you can, include a solution or plan of attack. The simple act of writing things down will put your mind at ease. It’s our version of going clear.

lavender-icon4. Lavender

Yup. Studies have shown that lavender helps people drift away to sleep. Grab a lavender bunch at the grocery store or flower shop and keep it on your nightstand. Then breathe in the beautiful scent of sleep. If you’re afraid the dog will eat it, go ahead and add some lavender to your night cap.

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