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What’s Our New Video About?

Up until this point, we’ve been relying on our network and you to build awareness for Tulip.  Today, we released our first ad.  It’s a little unexpected, and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact.  We won’t do this every time, but thought we’d take a minute to explain…

First off, play below.

There are three things we want to mention about the video.  They represent the same things we try to portray with our brand – fun, confidence and magic.


For as long as most of us can remember, oral care has been something we begrudgingly do every day.  It may have been that way for nearly a century, but Tulip doesn’t believe it needs to remain that way forever.

We say “enjoy your teeth!” They’re yours to use as you wish.  So if you want to eat cake or smile with your mouth closed, that’s your choice.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure they work hard for you.

No threats of cavities and gingivitis.  Just some great products that are designed with what you value in mind.  Not designed to push our agenda.

So when you watch this video full of coconuts, horses, beaches and unicorns – enjoy it.  Just like you should enjoy the first thing you do every day all the way through to your last — both of which are usually brushing your teeth.


Great oral hygiene gives us confidence.  We’ve all been there when we know our breath isn’t up to “sniff.”  A lot of our confidence in conversation comes from how we feel just inside our mouth.

Our horse was looking a little down.  When he ate the coconut, he was given brand new life.  You could notice the jazz in his step… when he wasn’t flying.


Who doesn’t love magic?  Well, it’s been said that coconut has some magical properties.  Well, it should, given the price point of coconut water.

This one is the easiest to explain.  Thre are freakin’ flying unicorns in the video.



We’ll do our hardest to introduce and strengthen these concepts within the borders of oral care.  One day, we’re going to make this one of the most exciting things you do every day – believe it.

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