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4 Reasons Why Grumpy People Should Hate Spring

Spring is upon us and with spring showers come spring flowers.  So, it’s officially Tulip Season!  With Spring comes better weather, beautiful scenery, and better moods.   With better moods, comes more smiles — something we know a little something about.  But why you ask (let’s assume you asked).  I’ll tell you (let’s assume you want me to).
Generally, a lot of the benefits of spring come from pent up demand for better days after winter months.  This is why there is not much of a mood enhancement from Spring to Summer.  However, we like to get specific here at Tulip.  So, below are 4 ways that spring puts you in a better mood.

shutterstock_130218290.jpgMore Sunlight

Every year, I throw my hands up and enter a fit of rage when I realize daylight savings, once again, will be stealing an hour of sleep from me.  We never seem to thank it for the next several months of additional sunlight… and we probably should.
Just look around you — people seem to be happier, nicer and more productive during longer days where there is more available sunlight.  Those few extra hours of rays sure can make a big difference.  With that extra time, people tend to spend more time with friends, more time with family and generally more time doing things that make them happy.

636028610971259395-1670959894_AdultMore Play

Walk by any park and you’ll see how amazing playing outside makes kids feel.  Well, we adults can and should partake.  A study by the University of Michigan found that people that spent at least 30 minutes a day outside, had better moods.  It’s a lot easier to spend that time outside in the Spring, when it’s a welcome warmth after the winter, but not an uncomfortable heat.  That same study suggested that not only did it enhance moods, but it reduces stress.  I’ll have some of that.

o-SPRING-READING-facebookMore Time to Think

Studies show that enjoying beautiful climates while engaging your brain can stimulate memory and the onset of creative thoughts.  For one, the peace helps your brain reset as your not surrounded by people in a tight space.  For many of us, when our minds are at ease, they work the best.  So, the next time you’re feeling blocked, go outside for a stroll and maybe you’ll come up with your most brilliant idea yet.  In fact, some of the world’s best ideas came about that way.

happyMore Sex

Although there isn’t that much biologic evidence that suggests people are more likely to have sex in the spring, there is empirical evidence.  The month of June doesn’t only bring the peak of spring weather, but also brings about a spike in baby conception.  Unless my parents lied to me, there’s still only one popular way to make that happen.
It’s true that Spring can have a really positive effect on our mood, open-mindedness and cognitive function.  However, if the weather is nice and you opt to stay indoors, it can create an opposite effect. Maybe it’s resentment 😃…
Have a wonderful Spring!

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