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How to Prepare Your Skin for Spring

Spring is in the air and that means your skin is about to take center stage. If you’re like us, the winter has not been your friend and things are looking pretty dead and lifeless underneath those layers. But with these simple tips you can get glowing radiant skin in no time.


To prepare your skin for Spring, you’ll need to remove the dead skin cells sitting on top your top layer of skin. These dead cells keep fresh air and nutrients from reaching the deeper layers. Pick up a sugar scrub, mix with your favorite body wash and scrub away! Just make sure not to scrub too hard; you only want to remove the dead layer of skin not all the layers.

Clean Up

Once you’ve removed the old cells, it’s time to nurture the good ones you left behind. Pick a body wash that’s right for your skin type and loaded with moisturizing nutrients. Wash away any residual debris and get that moisture right back in there! If you want to liven up your current body wash, try adding lemon or orange zest. You’ll feel great and smell delicious!


Once you’ve exfoliated and cleaned you’ll want to seal in the moisture from the body wash. Do this with a skin-friendly body oil in the shower. As soon as you turn off the water, rub a dime size amount all over your skin. The oil will seal in the moisture and give you the perfect skin base.


Once you’re out of the shower you’ll want to apply more moisture to your skin. Do this while your pores are still open, immediately after you step out. Pick a thick lotion like cocoa butter or shea butter to give you the most supple skin possible.

Drink Water

Now that you’ve hydrated the outside of your skin, you’ll want to make sure the inside stays hydrated as well. Water helps clear up skin and the more hydrated you are the brighter and healthier your skin will be. So drink up!


If you want to kick things up a notch, exfoliate, start clean and prepare yourself a warm bath. Then, sprinkle in baking soda (the kind you keep in your pantry) and add a cup or two of warm milk (whole is best!). Next add a few drops of your favorite oil and let your skin drown in the moisture rich elements. Be sure to pat dry after this one and you’re skin is good to glow!

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