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An Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

Easter is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a good ol’ fashion Easter egg hunt. No kids. No problem. Fill your eggs with these delightful products and even your most choosey friends will want to search for them.

Money Circl1. Money

We’re not saying you have to put in rolls of Ben Franklins, but who wouldn’t want to find $10 or $5 bucks in a egg.



Strawberry Circl2. High end chocolates

Go to your local chocolatier or gift shop and pick up some delicious truffles or chocolate covered strawberries. They’ll fit perfectly in the egg and are a decadent surprise. Just make sure not to hide them in direct sunlight.


Nail Polish Circl3. Beauty Products

Nothing like finding a good nail polish color or lipstick in your easter egg hunt. Glossier products and Essie nail polish are a sure crowd pleaser.



4. Lottery TicketsLotto Ticket Circl

These may need a little folding to fit inside the egg, but a fun and simple way to add excitement to any egg hunt.


Alcohol Circl5. Alcohol

If you’ve decided to splurge on larger eggs buy the mini liquor bottles from your local store. These are sure to delight everyone. (over the age of 21 of course!)

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