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An Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

Easter is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a good ol’ fashion Easter egg hunt. No kids. No problem. Fill your eggs with these delightful products and even your most choosey friends will want to search for them.

Money Circl1. Money

We’re not saying you have to put in rolls of Ben Franklins, but who wouldn’t want to find $10 or $5 bucks in a egg.



Strawberry Circl2. High end chocolates

Go to your local chocolatier or gift shop and pick up some delicious truffles or chocolate covered strawberries. They’ll fit perfectly in the egg and are a decadent surprise. Just make sure not to hide them in direct sunlight.


Nail Polish Circl3. Beauty Products

Nothing like finding a good nail polish color or lipstick in your easter egg hunt. Glossier products and Essie nail polish are a sure crowd pleaser.



4. Lottery TicketsLotto Ticket Circl

These may need a little folding to fit inside the egg, but a fun and simple way to add excitement to any egg hunt.


Alcohol Circl5. Alcohol

If you’ve decided to splurge on larger eggs buy the mini liquor bottles from your local store. These are sure to delight everyone. (over the age of 21 of course!)

Positive Vibes – April 2017

We get it – some days it’s too hard to get out of bed, let alone get in the shower and then face other humans.  Every month we’ll be sharing our favorite tunes to help you get the day started off on the right foot.  

For April, the theme is Coachella.  Coachella is taking place over two weekends this month.  Two weekends full of friends, music… and lots of sin.  A cultural phenomenon like Coachella can launch new bands, so you may even find some music you haven’t heard before.

This list is massive, so I won’t go through each artist.  We’ll let their music tell the story.  Enjoy!

How to Prepare Your Skin for Spring

Spring is in the air and that means your skin is about to take center stage. If you’re like us, the winter has not been your friend and things are looking pretty dead and lifeless underneath those layers. But with these simple tips you can get glowing radiant skin in no time.


To prepare your skin for Spring, you’ll need to remove the dead skin cells sitting on top your top layer of skin. These dead cells keep fresh air and nutrients from reaching the deeper layers. Pick up a sugar scrub, mix with your favorite body wash and scrub away! Just make sure not to scrub too hard; you only want to remove the dead layer of skin not all the layers.

Clean Up

Once you’ve removed the old cells, it’s time to nurture the good ones you left behind. Pick a body wash that’s right for your skin type and loaded with moisturizing nutrients. Wash away any residual debris and get that moisture right back in there! If you want to liven up your current body wash, try adding lemon or orange zest. You’ll feel great and smell delicious!


Once you’ve exfoliated and cleaned you’ll want to seal in the moisture from the body wash. Do this with a skin-friendly body oil in the shower. As soon as you turn off the water, rub a dime size amount all over your skin. The oil will seal in the moisture and give you the perfect skin base.


Once you’re out of the shower you’ll want to apply more moisture to your skin. Do this while your pores are still open, immediately after you step out. Pick a thick lotion like cocoa butter or shea butter to give you the most supple skin possible.

Drink Water

Now that you’ve hydrated the outside of your skin, you’ll want to make sure the inside stays hydrated as well. Water helps clear up skin and the more hydrated you are the brighter and healthier your skin will be. So drink up!


If you want to kick things up a notch, exfoliate, start clean and prepare yourself a warm bath. Then, sprinkle in baking soda (the kind you keep in your pantry) and add a cup or two of warm milk (whole is best!). Next add a few drops of your favorite oil and let your skin drown in the moisture rich elements. Be sure to pat dry after this one and you’re skin is good to glow!

4 Reasons Why Grumpy People Should Hate Spring

Spring is upon us and with spring showers come spring flowers.  So, it’s officially Tulip Season!  With Spring comes better weather, beautiful scenery, and better moods.   With better moods, comes more smiles — something we know a little something about.  But why you ask (let’s assume you asked).  I’ll tell you (let’s assume you want me to).
Generally, a lot of the benefits of spring come from pent up demand for better days after winter months.  This is why there is not much of a mood enhancement from Spring to Summer.  However, we like to get specific here at Tulip.  So, below are 4 ways that spring puts you in a better mood.

shutterstock_130218290.jpgMore Sunlight

Every year, I throw my hands up and enter a fit of rage when I realize daylight savings, once again, will be stealing an hour of sleep from me.  We never seem to thank it for the next several months of additional sunlight… and we probably should.
Just look around you — people seem to be happier, nicer and more productive during longer days where there is more available sunlight.  Those few extra hours of rays sure can make a big difference.  With that extra time, people tend to spend more time with friends, more time with family and generally more time doing things that make them happy.

636028610971259395-1670959894_AdultMore Play

Walk by any park and you’ll see how amazing playing outside makes kids feel.  Well, we adults can and should partake.  A study by the University of Michigan found that people that spent at least 30 minutes a day outside, had better moods.  It’s a lot easier to spend that time outside in the Spring, when it’s a welcome warmth after the winter, but not an uncomfortable heat.  That same study suggested that not only did it enhance moods, but it reduces stress.  I’ll have some of that.

o-SPRING-READING-facebookMore Time to Think

Studies show that enjoying beautiful climates while engaging your brain can stimulate memory and the onset of creative thoughts.  For one, the peace helps your brain reset as your not surrounded by people in a tight space.  For many of us, when our minds are at ease, they work the best.  So, the next time you’re feeling blocked, go outside for a stroll and maybe you’ll come up with your most brilliant idea yet.  In fact, some of the world’s best ideas came about that way.

happyMore Sex

Although there isn’t that much biologic evidence that suggests people are more likely to have sex in the spring, there is empirical evidence.  The month of June doesn’t only bring the peak of spring weather, but also brings about a spike in baby conception.  Unless my parents lied to me, there’s still only one popular way to make that happen.
It’s true that Spring can have a really positive effect on our mood, open-mindedness and cognitive function.  However, if the weather is nice and you opt to stay indoors, it can create an opposite effect. Maybe it’s resentment 😃…
Have a wonderful Spring!

How to Cook When you Hate Cooking

Adulting is hard. And when every article out there tells you that a major milestone to being an adult is knowing your way around the kitchen… well the visceral reaction you have to looking at your stove isn’t going help. (I mean if you don’t ever use the stove it never needs to be cleaned – that seems like a win to me!)

What’s a gal (or guy) to do you do if cooking isn’t your favorite, but you don’t want to keep getting eye rolls from the same delivery guy every night? Three words for you. Frozen. Crockpot. Casserole. And not all once.


More specifically frozen veggies. Nothing makes a meal like a good side dish (or two) and it’s super easy to execute.

If you have a steamer you’re already a step ahead, and if you don’t we strongly suggest you get one. You’ll thank us later. To use the steamer: fill the basin with water, throw in the frozen veggies and set the timer. Because some veggies need longer than others, below are some general guidelines for steam time:

  • Asparagus: 5 to 8 minutes
  • Broccoli: stalks for 7 minutes, florets for 5
  • Carrots: 10 to 15 minutes, depending on size
  • Cauliflower: stalks for 7 minutes, florets for 5 (whole head 15-25 minutes)
  • Corn on the cob: 8 to 10 minutes
  • Green beans: 4 to 6 minutes
  • Potatoes, cubed: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Spinach: 2 to 3 minutes

Clean-up is a breeze with a steamer, just wash the tray where you had the food and rinse the water basis. Besides being quick and easy to use, steamers are one of the healthiest ways to cook food. Why? Because steaming helps keep the nutrients inside the food. Easy and healthy.


If you hate cooking, crockpots are the friend you never had. Once you buy one of these and use it for the first time you’ll never go back.  The key to it’s success – slow, low heat cooking. You throw all the ingredients for a meal in the crockpot, spices and all, set the timer and temperature, and voila. You can even put the ingredients in and start the crockpot before work and it will turn off automatically and be nice and warm when you get home.

Chili is always a crowd pleaser. Brown some ground beef, add onions, tomatoes, beans, chili powder and water and you’re set! Cook on LOW for 6-7 hours or HIGH for 4, then Netflix and Chill.  Best of all clean up is a breeze – just one pot that’s dishwasher safe. Easy peasy.

For more variety check out these delicious recipes that are quick and easy.


We know the first thing you think about with you hear ‘casserole’ is green beans, but there are a myriad of feasts you can make in a single casserole dish that will impress even your in-laws. A really simple go-to recipe includes root veggies, chicken and some seasoning.

Wash and cut the veggies into small pieces (leave those skins on!), add the chicken on top and finish with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper (bonus points for adding rosemary, thyme… or any other herb really). Then throw the entire thing in the oven for 35 minutes on 350 degrees.

If all else fails you can still get your Seamless order in, but at least now you have some tricks to actually make it look like you tried!

Irish Whiskey You Need to Try

Frankly, our CEO is very fond of Whiskey – one might say too fond.  And so we thought no better way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day than to talk about some Irish Whiskey. We know most people will hear the words Irish Whiskey and think of Jameson – the most famous Irish Whiskey in America.  We admit it is delicious, but there are many more varietals that are worthy of a drink this St. Paddy’s day (including some vintages of Jameson you may not know about!).
Below is our list of the top Irish Whiskey’s. We hope we make the Peaky Blinders proud with this bucket list of libations…


bushmills-21-year-old-single-malt-irish-whiskey-2Ballin’: 21 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky

UnderTheLabel Rating: 98
Price: $120 per bottle
ABV: 40%

Bushmills-16-Year-Old-Single-Malt-Irish-WhiskeyRespectable Still: 16 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky

UnderTheLabel Rating: 98
Price: $90 per bottle
ABV: 40%

Still Gets Your Drunk: 10 Year Old Single MaltBushmills-10-Year-Old

UnderTheLabel Rating: 94
Price: $58 per bottle
ABV: 40%


Ballin’: Rarest Vintage jameson-rarest-vintage-reserve-irish-whiskey-2

UnderTheLabel Rating: 97
Price: $207 per bottle
ABV: 46%

Respectable Still: 18 Year Limited Reservejameson-18-year-old-limited-reserve-irish-whiskey-2

UnderTheLabel Rating: 96
Price: $120 per bottle
ABV: 40%

Still Gets Your Drunk: 12 Year Old Irish Whiskeyjameson-12-year-irish-whiskey-22

UnderTheLabel Rating: 94
Price: $60 per bottle
ABV: 40%


Ballin’: 21 Year Old IrishRedbreast 21 Year Old

UnderTheLabel Rating: 96
Price: $180 per bottle
ABV: 46%

Still Gets Your Drunk: 12 Year Old Irish WhiskeyRedbreast-12

UnderTheLabel Rating: 95
Price: $56 per bottle
ABV: 40%


Tyrconnell-10YO-Single-Malt-sherry-776x1176Respectable Still: 10 Year Old Single Malt Sherry Cask 

UnderTheLabel Rating: 96
Price: $80 per bottle
ABV: 46%

Tullamore Dew

Still Gets Your Drunk: 12 Year Old Irish Special ReserveTullamore-Dew-12-year-special-reserve

UnderTheLabel Rating: 95
Price: $42
ABV: 40%

Notable Mentions

Connemara Cask StrengthConnemara_Cask_Strength

UnderTheLabel Rating: 93
Price: $67
ABV: 58%

Hyde 10 Yearhyde-10-year-old-no-1-presidents-cask-whiskey

UnderTheLabel Rating: 93
Price: $8567
ABV: 46%

Double Barrel Irish Whiskeyglendalough-double-barrel-irish-whiskey

UnderTheLabel Rating: 93
Price: $85
ABV: 46%

The Irishman 12 Year OldIrishman-12YO-SingleMalt

UnderTheLabel Rating: 93
Price: $79
ABV: 43%

Kavanagh – Single Malt Irish WhiskeyKavanagh-Single-Malt-Irish-Whiskey (1)

UnderTheLabel Rating: 93
Price: $33
ABV: 40%

Pour Wine like a Sommelier

A long time ago, I thought about opening a bar.  I had a conversation with a friend about it:

me: I’m thinking about opening a bar.
friend: cool.
me: I wouldn’t know how to even get started.
friend: well, I think instead of drinking, you pour.
me: I can still drink, right?
friend: you probably shouldn’t open a bar.

Well, it’s true that most of us have no problem with the mechanics of drinking.  We’re pretty good at it.  The pour, on the other hand is much more complicated and some of us are god awful at it.

This is a 2-part series about pouring two things that make us happy: beer and wine.  This post will focus on the sweet, sweet nectar of alcoholic grapes.

When pouring a glass of wine, etiquette is quite important.  In many cases, it’s even impressive.  Try the following the next time you’re around a large group of people waiting for their daily wine fix…selecting-the-proper-wine-drink-glass

The Glass: Make sure you’re using the right glass.  Big is not the only description it should have.  Although, it may be the most important 🙂  Red wine glasses are typically more round, while white glasses should be taller and slightly narrower. If you are serving a sparkling wine or a champagne, you will want to stick with fluted glasses, which are very narrow and tall.  Below is more info than you’ll probably need, but eh, why not.

The Label (optional): Depending on the occasion, or wine you’re pouring, you may want to present the label to the table.  The label should be turned facing the individual.  Now, if you do this with some of my friends, you probably will be asked to leave before they start drinking.

The Corking: Using a knife, or a cutter, cut the foil just below the cork, around the neck in a straight line.  Make sure you make it all the way around, and remove it.  Then use a simple corkscrew (no need to get fancy) and take the cork out.  Pick a person and place the cork to the right of their glass.

A little about wine corks you may not know:


The Tasting: Pour one ounce for the person you presented the label and cork to.  Let them taste it, and wait for their approval.

The Pour: Proper etiquette recommends pouring for the women first, and starting with the eldest woman at the table and filling clockwise. However, you may not want to reveal the age and go clockwise from the beginning.  Then the men are served and the individual who ordered the wine would be serviced last. The glasses should be poured approximately halfway, and then the bottle should be twisted when finished to avoid wine dripping on the table.

Where to Pour: Red and white wines should be poured into the center of the glass, while sparkling wines and champagne should be served into a tilted glass to keep the bubbles intact.

1403542800000.jpgBonus – Sommelier-style pour: At the base of most wine bottles is something called the Punt.  It’s an indent.  The origins and meaning behind this indent have long been debated.  However, many experienced wine pourers use the base to pour wine.  Place your thumb in the punt, and your other fingers  around the base below your thumb.  Then, pray to god your grip doesn’t give out.

BTW – if your wine comes in a box or a can. Well, that’s cool too.  Who am I to judge.

The Effects of Happiness on Success

Who knew mood rings were back in style? Hint: they aren’t. But what these celestial rings told us during those years when braces were considered cool, is more relevant to your adult self today than ever before.

Since the last 90’s when researchers first coined the term ‘positive psychology’, countless studies have been run proving happiness is not just a byproduct of success. Rather success comes from being happy. And it’s not just success at work. Happiness has been proven to add years to your life and can even make pain less painful. I know I feel like I’m taking crazy pills too.

How Does Happiness Affect Us?

Happiness influences the many aspects of our life that lead to success – how we view ourselves, how we build relationships, and how we stay motivated, persevere and solve problems. When we are happy and positive, our brains become more energetic, creative, motivated, resilient, engaged and productive. It’s like psychologists found the fountain of youth and it was inside us this whole time! Mind. Blown.

So if happiness is the key to success, what can you do to stay positive? To keep the happy vibes when it feels like Armageddon is upon us… and not in the hot Ben Affleck sort of way. Research shows that the three greatest predictors of happiness are optimism (the belief your behavior will make a difference), social connection, and how we perceive stress (as a challenge or a threat).

It’s not just a change of mindset and how we think, but there are many behavioral activities we can do to increase our experience of happiness:

1)  Gratitude – Write down three things that you are grateful for each day, try not to repeat

2)  Journal – about a positive experience. Make this a routine and write for 2 minutes every day

3)  Exercise –  Participate in 15 minutes of mindful cardio activity

4)  Meditate – Focus on your breathing for 2 minutes a day and

5)   Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness –  Write an email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media